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Welcome to DFICU universities. You are here because you intend to join our teaming international virtual lecturers. Please read the job description comprehensively and apply below if you’re satisfied with our terms of engagement. You do not need to apply if you wish to negotiate with our terms and conditions. For inquiry, use the inquiry menu.


Develop and present lessons based on the given university curriculum. Present the topics in a text / pdf / audio / video format and upload via your instructor dashboard. Attend to students questions and provide relevant answers. Schedule classes via zoom / google meet from your dashboard. Set test and exam while providing the marking guide. Provide feedback to students after giving class activities and assignments. Supervise students projects / thesis / dissertations / interviews.


This is a part-time remote job for skilled virtual Lecturers. The successful candidates are encouraged to record all their teachings and upload on their dashboard and learning page for their students to assess it at any time, especially for asynchronous classes. This will give the Lecturer the opportunity to be away while his/her student attend a class online, and also give the student the flexibility to access his/her class at convenience.


Master’s degree holders: $5/subject/student

Doctoral degree holders: $8/subject/student

NB: you will be paid at the end of each semester for as long as you are still with the university and or your lessons are being used by the university. You are paid according to the number of students offering your course. For example, if you have 200 students offering your course, your payment will be multiplied by 200. (eg: $5 x 200 for masters degree holders OR $8 x 200 for doctoral degree holders). If no student is offering your course, you won’t be paid. However, there are opportunities to publish your personal courses on our platform. On this note, the university takes 40% while you take 60%.

Terms of Offer of Employment:

There are three stages to follow before being offered a letter of employment.

  1. You will need to complete the application form below and submit.
  2. You will be requested to prepare a five minutes recorded teaching on any simple topic of your choice relating to the course you intend teaching via zoom or your prefered channel and forward to us.
  3. Your current passport photograph with available credentials will be demanded. And thereafter, your instructor portal will be activated followed by orientation on how to upload your lessons.

NB: You must meet the basic requirement before being shortlisted for briefing and appointment. Master’s degree and or Academic Doctoral degree is compulsory and not negotiable. You will be required to submit your credential and current passport photograph on successful consideration. Perhaps, the information you submitted is not original or genuine, you may not be offered appointment. And if you have been offered appointment before the discovery of any fictitious information about you, your instructor’s dashboard will be terminated and any earnings forfeited, We are DFICU Universities, united with integrity; we keep our words.

How it all works


Apply and be approved

After screening


Be assigned with students

After creating your lesson dashboard


Schedule your lesson

And get paid at the end of the semester via your dashboard

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Verified Profiles

Pay Per Lesson Per Student

Affordable Prices​

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